InMoov Audio Outputs

So I switched from Arduino (Never Started, just planned) to using EZ-B v4/2’s for my InMoov project.  During my search to get better sound I found out that you can Solder some wires before the AMP on the EZ-B’s and then send the sound to an AMP of your choosing.

So I purchased an AMP that can take 2 inputs and output them into a pair of speakers which I have mounted in the head of my InMoov.  So I made a Y to allow the 2 outputs from the EZ-B’s to the Input on the AMP.  However this created more wiring, and I am trying to create less if possible.

So I designed a small board that essentially simulates the Y I made but in a much smaller space and makes for a cleaner install.

Here is a picture of the board as well as it wired to my InMoov.


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