Custom InMoov PDB

In my quest to keep wiring neat (which it is not at this time), I wanted to create a board that would help minimize the amount of wiring needed.

So I create a Power Distribution board that will take all servo inputs from 2 EZ-B v4/2’s and then isolate and output the signal wire to the EZ-B’s.  The power will be handled by the PDB.

The PDB will also have two LED’s allowing me to see that the PDB is receiving power to each side.  There will also be a 4 pin header that is for Ground so that the servos are running from the same ground, 2 Pins can be routed to each EZ-B.

Eventually the goal will be to make one Main Board to handle the entire robot.  But for now I am doing it in small phases until I have everything the way that I want it to be.

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