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Humanoid Robot (Post 1)

So I have started a new project today that I have been wanting to do for some time. This one is will be another robot, however it will be a humanoid type. This will be similar to a robot kit you can buy from Trossen Robotics and will likely make use of the same electronics.

The goal of this is to make a robot that is 3D Printable that can be customized to our liking. I hope to have it fully skinned meaning it will have a shell and look more like a finished project. I have some of the electronics on hand and all the actuator motors have been ordered and should be here next week sometime.

You can see the actual HR-OS1 walking in the video below. I purchased this kit some time ago.

This project will have many resemblances of the HR-OS1 but it will be modeled fully in Shapr3D (Version 2.2.5) and 3D printed as I go. I will modify as many items as I can so that it is not a complete copy of the HR-OS1. The only thing I hope to use in this model is the program that was initially created for the robot kit. The program is open source so there are no copyright violations.

When I have this complete I will be sharing the STL files for others to be able to 3D print this as I did with the Hexabot project.

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It Walks

After much trial and error I finally got HR-OS1 walking via the use of a Sony PS3 Controller over Bluetooth.

NOTE:  Video was shot on December 4, 2016.

At some point in the near future I will be creating a review of my Experience from start of purchase until now with finally getting it working.

Broken Hands

During my first tests with the HR-OS1 the robot kept losing his balance and face planting into the floor.  During one of its face planting episodes he decided to give me the finger literally.

In short one of the fingers broke off.  I reprinted them with 30% more infill increasing the strength quite a bit.  So now he has orange hands.

HR-OS1 New Hands
HR-OS1 New Hands

Next on my list is to see if I can get him walking via a Sony PS3 Controller over Bluetooth.

Stay Tuned….

HR-OS1 First Moves

I finally have the kit and had time to build it.  I got so into the build that I didn’t take any pics or build videos.  However as soon as I built the Robot and wired it up I recorded a video of its first movements.

I also 3D printed a head and some hands with files provided by Trossen Robotics.

If you like the video please click like and comment to let me know.  I hope to be doing many more videos as time goes by as well as many more projects like this one.

HR-OS1 3D Printed parts

While waiting for my HR-OS1 kit to arrive I 3D printed a head and some hands for the robot.  The files are provided by Trossen Robotics.  However you can also purchase the parts here at Shapeways, the parts are printed in Nylon from them.

Here are a couple images of the 3D printed head:

HR-OS1 3D Printed Head

HR-OS1 3D Printed Head


Here is a picture of the 3D printed hands:

HR-OS1 3D Printed Hands


These were printed on a Makerbot Replicator+ with True White PLA.  The settings are as seen in the below image.

Makerbot Replicator+ Settings


HR-OS1 from Trossen Robotics

My first project for the site will be to build the HR-OS1 humanoid robot from Trossen Robotics.  I placed the order today, there is a lead time of at least a week.

I have been told that some of the components are on back order and that it will be longer than usual for this to arrive.

I don’t plan on doing a build as this is my first venture into Robotics so I will take some photos if I remember to do so.  I will however record a video of the Robot when I put power to it.

Trossen Robotics
Photo belongs to Trossen Robotics.


For more info on the kit please visit:  Trossen Robotics