Hexabot STL Files now available

Now that I have did some basic testing of the hexabot, I wanted to share the STL files as promised.  This hexabot was created using Shapr3D on my iPad Pro.  The STL files are exported as High Quality.

Please be sure to read all info posted with the files.  If you have questions please let me know and I will do my best to answer them.

STL Files:  RH Hexabot STL Files

Simple Solder Holder

While working on my hexabot, I realized that I should have purchased a solder holder.  While making a cable to power the bot from a power supply so that I didn’t need to worry about batteries during the programming and test states of this project my solder kept rolling around.

So I decided to pull out my iPad Pro open up Shapr3D and design one.  Here are a couple pics and a link to the STL files should you wish to print one.

STL Files:  Simple Solder Holder

Hexabot Update 3

I finally got the design working the way I wanted it to (after 8 revisions to the design).  It is now printed and mostly assembled and wired.  I created a test video today showing the test sequence of the servos.  This uses the PhantomX Build Check Code to test servos and controller.  This bot is using all the same electronics.  The code is open source best I can tell which allows me to use it.

My design was inspired by the PhantomX do to having 20 Dynamixel  AX-12A servos.  I had them in my HR-OS1, but I decided that project wasn’t for me, at least not right now, so I made use of most of the electronics building this bot.  All parts were modeled by me using Shapr3D on an iPad Pro.  No 3D printed part is the same as a PhantomX but all electronics are the same and were either part of my HR-OS1 kit which was purchased from Trossen Robotics and any parts that were not in the HR-OS1 kit, I ordered them from Trossen Robotics.  I would have just ordered a PhantomX but I wanted to test my modeling skills and use my 3D printer.  However to avoid copyright issues no part is identical, and as I mentioned the software is open source and posted on the Trossen Robotics website publicly.

Hexabot update 2

As you may have seen in my previous posts I am working on a Hexabot.  I am just about ready to start installing all electronics and start testing.

Once the testing happens I will create a short video of it in action.  I will be sharing the STL files on Thingiverse.com for those of you who wish to build one too.  This project has been a solid month now of modeling and trial printing of the parts.

Here is a sneak peak at the latest revision of this Hexabot.

Hexabot Update

I have more than 85% modeled and printed on this project now.  I still need to model the removable electronics tray.   I am still unsure if this will be the final design but as stated before it is a work in progress.

This is modeled entirely with Shapr3D, no 3rd party tools used.  There are 50 parts in this model so far and I still have a couple more to model to complete this project.  The parts are all printed and they are assembled, this includes all the Dynamixel AX-12A servos (18 of them).

Here are a couple images showing the progress thus far.  As you can see in the second image this thing is HUGE.

Hexabot Status Update

In my last Shapr3D tips post I shared some images of a hexabot I am working on.  I hadn’t mentioned this project before as I was unsure if I was going to attempt it.  But as shown in the last post I have not only attempted it but had 2 of the parts modeled.

I wanted to share a little more on this as I have made a bit of progress.  First I will share some modeling images, and then I will share some images of the parts 3D printed and partially assembled.

Please keep in mind this in no way represents a final design as it is a work in progress and being modeled visually similar to production hexabots that exist in the market.  But honestly how many ways can you make a six legged robot.

Shapr3D – Exporting a single shape/group to STL from a workspace with many groups

I am working on one of my latest projects and I decided to try something that I didn’t see mentioned anywhere within the Shapr3D forums or any videos or documents that I have read.  I wanted to be sure and share this in case others haven’t run across this yet.

As we all know we can group shapes within a workspace and hide them to work on another shape. I was curious if you could hide all shapes except a particular one and export it as an STL for 3D printing. Since the item I am working on is going to have 25+ shapes (assuming my iPad Pro can handle it) I wanted to see if it could all be completed within one workspace.

The good news is that we can. I just created my second shape for this project and was able to hide the 1st one, export the second one as an STL for printing. So we can export all shapes as a single STL or individually. This is a really useful feature.

The below design is a work in progress and does not represent the final design, currently I am just experimenting with features of the app as well as the overall design.  When complete I will credit any influences with mention and links as needed/required.